Welcome to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture's Emergency Hay Transportation Assistance Program page.

Along with your application below, the following two forms must be downloaded and submitted to be eligible for payments: 

The application will not submit online without the above items included.

The criteria for participation in the Emergency Hay Transportation Assistance Program is as follows: 

  • Must be from a D2, D3 or D4 county.
  • Must own at least 25 animal unit equivalents of dairy cattle, beef cattle, bison, sheep or goats. A description of animal unit equivalents may be found directly on the application.
  • Hay must be used for the purposes of the producer’s own livestock operation.
    • In lieu of transporting hay, producers who transported breeding livestock outside of drought counties are also eligible.
    • Straw used for feed is also eligible.
  • Transportation costs must have been incurred between June 1, 2017, and Nov. 17, 2017.
  • Must have costs related to the transportation of hay outside of an applicant’s normal livestock operation.

Producers must provide verifiable records of livestock inventories and hay transportation expenses. The program will reimburse producers a portion of expenses dependent on the total amount of applications received and approved through the program. Other feeds and supplements are not included.

Applications must be submitted or postmarked by November 17, 2017. Only costs incurred between June 1, 2017, and Nov. 17, 2017, are eligible for reimbursement assistance.

NOTE: Receipts are not required for personal transportation of hay. Please note where the hay originated and, if necessary, the person and/or land area hay was purchased from.

If you wish to complete a paper version of the application, it is available for download here. Paper copies of the application can be obtained by mail. Please call 844-642-4752 to request a paper copy. Please complete the application and return it to: 

Emergency Hay Transportation Assistance Program

North Dakota Department of Agriculture

600 East Boulevard Ave. Dept. 602

Bismarck, ND 58505