The North Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom E-Newsletter is a tool for connecting people across the state of North Dakota who share a passion for educating about agriculture, food and natural resources.

Innovative educators share their ideas for incorporating food, fiber, and farming into their curriculum. The newsletter also highlights educational resources in the form of lesson plans, websites, books, videos and any other materials that allow agriculture to be the perfect context for classroom teachers, agriculture advocates and community volunteers to teach science, social studies, language arts, math and health/nutrition.

The email newsletter also helps all North Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom supporters stay in tune with upcoming events and newsworthy items.

2018 January Vol. 2, Issue 1

2017 December Vol. 1 Issue 7

2017 September Vol. 1 Issue 6

2017 April Vol. 1 Issue 5

2017 March Vol. 1 Issue 4

2017 Febuary Vol. 1 Issue 3

2017 January Vol. 1 Issue 2

2016 December Vol. 1 Issue 1





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