The North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide and Fertilizer Division regulates pesticides, fertilizers and anhydrous ammonia to protect human health and the environment.

Among its multiple duties, the pesticide division registers all pesticides sold in the state and approves labeling, administers Project Safe Send, inspects pesticide dealers, users and facilities for compliance; investigates complaints of pesticide misuse and other violations, administers Worker Protection Standards, and works with the Environmental Protection Agency on regulatory and policy issues.

The fertilizer division licenses distributors and anhydrous ammonia storage facilities, registers fertilizer products, provides outreach and compliance assistance to the fertilizer industry, and administers the Risk Management Program for agricultural anhydrous ammonia facilities.

Pesticide & Fertilizer Division Contacts

Brandy Kiefel

Fertilizer Program Specialist

Crystal Zabolotny

Pesticide and Fertilizer Licensing and Registration Assistant

Eric Delzer

Pesticide and Fertilizer Division Director

Jerry Sauter

Environmental Scientist

Jon Krei

Pesticide Registration Specialist

Tyler Kralicek

Pesticide Enforcement Supervisor

Carla Ralston

Pesticide Specialist

Jeremiah Lien

Pesticide Outreach Specialist