All parts of this policy must be followed when a pesticide label bears the following language: “Users must comply with the North Dakota Department of Agriculture Seed Policy”.

Requirements of this policy:


The landowner/leasee (whoever owns the crop) must keep record of all acres the pesticide product is applied to.


Records must include:


Legal description of the application site


Date and time the pesticide product was applied


Rate at which the product was applied


Name of pesticide applicator


No portion of the crop shall be used or distributed for food or feed. This restriction pertains to, but is not limited to, green chop, hay, pellets, meal, whole seed, cracked seed, straw, roots, bulbs, foliage or seed screenings, and to the grazing of the crop field, stubble or regrowth. The grower must verify that no parts of the crop will be used for food or feed.


Verification shall consist of a sworn statement from the landowner/lease (whoever owns the crop) ensuring no parts of the treated crop will be used for food or feed. Statement must be signed and dated within three business days of the pesticide application. A copy of the statement must be given to the buyer if seed or any other parts of the plant are sold.


All records including sworn statements must be kept by the landowner/leasee for three years.


All applicable sections of NDCC 4-35 apply to this policy.