Testing shows no spread of bovine TB from Texas cow

BISMARCK – Extensive field and laboratory testing indicates that tuberculosis found in a beef cow in south central North Dakota has not spread to other animals.

Dr. Susan Keller, North Dakota state veterinarian, said the animal was identified in May, as a result of a trace-out investigation in Texas. The disease was confirmed by National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, IA. An additional 33 suspect animals from the herd were also slaughtered as a normal precaution and are being tested at the laboratory.

“Culture results are still pending on samples taken from suspect the animals, but the preliminary report says no suspicious lesions or TB-like organisms have been identified.” Keller said. “The remaining animals in the herd will undergo further testing to meet federal requirements.”

Keller said once the three whole-herd tests are completed and if no additional bovine TB is found, the quarantine can be lifted.

The second whole herd test will begin in late summer and be finished early fall. The third test will be conducted this winter.

Keller said the owners of the herd and neighbors have cooperated fully in the investigation.

North Dakota has been recognized as "TB-free" by USDA since 1976.  The state's last reported case of bovine tuberculosis in a herd was in 1999.