Statement regarding impacts of pipeline protest to farmers/ranchers in the area

Statement from Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring regarding impacts of pipeline protest to farmers and ranchers in the area.

“Farmers and ranchers near the protest area have not only been threatened and intimidated as they try to go about their normal agricultural activities, but are suffering financial impacts as well. The protestors have been trespassing on private property, cutting fences and stealing hay. We've also been able to confirm that numerous livestock, horses and bison have been slaughtered in the area of the camp. Roads are being blocked by activists in masks and motorists are being forced off the road. There is just an overall lack of respect for property and the personal safety of our farmers and ranchers and their families. The protesters want others to adhere to the law but it is hypocritical when they are committing these egregious acts. It illustrates a lack of respect for the health, safety and property of our farmers, ranchers and rural residents and is unacceptable.”

North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring