Producers urged to practice fire safety in the field

BISMARCK, N.D. – With the drought and recent grass fires in the state, Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring urges producers to be prepared in case of fire.

“Working in the field during these conditions can be challenging, taxing producers and equipment,” Goehring said. “I encourage producers who are haying or doing other work to be vigilant of their environment and to carry a fire extinguisher, water or a shovel with them at all times to try to quickly put out small fires if they occur.”

Goehring urged producers to call 911 immediately if a fire starts and to make a second call if the fire is able to be extinguished. He also asked them to work closely with their neighbors to protect their operations by helping each other monitor for smoke and fire.

“In case of fire, responders will need clear, concise directions to the location as many field and bin sites do not have 911 addresses,” Goehring said. “Identifying an intersection or landmark can help responders find the exact location.”

Goehring encouraged producers to check fire danger ratings and weather conditions frequently. Fire danger ratings may be found at; and weather and red flag warnings from the National Weather Service may be found at or depending on your area.

For more information on preventing and reporting fires in your community, contact your local fire district.