North Dakota orders additional testing on cattle from Idaho

BISMARCK – North Dakota's state veterinarian says Idaho cattle imported into the North Dakota must undergo additional testing to prevent the introduction of brucellosis.

Dr. Susan Keller said the State Board of Animal Health has ordered additional testing requirements for all Idaho beef, dairy and rodeo cattle imported into North Dakota.

The requirements can be found at

“North Dakota livestock producers and dealers who are considering the purchase of Idaho  livestock should make sure the animals meet these requirements,” she said.

Keller said the board took the action during its recent quarterly meeting.

“Part of the Yellowstone National Park is within the state of Idaho, and brucellosis continues to be reported in the park's bison and elk herds,” she said. “After reviewing a summary of livestock movements inside and outside Idaho's Designated Surveillance Area, the board determined that the potential for spread of brucellosis to neighboring domestic livestock herds continues to be of concern, and that an additional testing requirement was needed to help further protect North Dakota herds from animals moving into the state from Idaho.