New business wins Pride of Dakota kuchen contest

BISMARCK – A new Pride of Dakota business – Woodward Farm of Cathay – won the annual kuchen contest during Pride of Dakota-KMOT Day at the 2013 North Dakota State Fair in Minot.

“It was a close contest, but Brenda Gorseth's Woodward Farm apple kuchen came out on top,” said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring.

Opened in May, Woodward Farm makes jams, relishes and baked goods from North Dakota ingredients and with no preservatives.

Other contestants included Karen's Kuchen, Cavalier; Ashley Super Valu, Ashley; Wagner's Wagon, Mercer, and Buffalo Gals, Regan.

The 25th annual Pride of Dakota –KMOT Day at the State Fair attracted a large crowd to the tent in the southwest corner of the fairgrounds, where 22 Pride of Dakota companies were selling and sampling their products. More than 1,300 people took part in the Pride of Dakota lunch for a dollar.

The lunch was sponsored by Cloverdale Foods, Land O' Lakes, the Northern Plains Potato Growers Association and Pan-O-Gold Baking Co. with proceeds going to the North Dakota FFA. Farm Credit Services of Minot supplied the grill and staff.

Administered by the Marketing and Information Division of the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, the Pride of Dakota program provides member companies with cooperative marketing and promotional events, such as Pride of Dakota Day, the Holiday Showcases and in-store demonstrations. The program also provides educational opportunities and representation at regional, national and international marketing expositions. More than 500 North Dakota companies are Pride of Dakota members.