NDDA assumes anhydrous ammonia inspections

BISMARCK – Responsibility for inspecting anhydrous ammonia tanks and facilities moves to the North Dakota Department of Agriculture (NDDA) in 2012.

“Until now, the Agriculture Department has been responsible for enforcing state laws and regulations regarding anhydrous ammonia and licensing facilities, while the Insurance Department has conducted the inspections,” said Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. “The 2011 Legislature transferred the inspection duties to NDDA to improve government efficiency.”

Any dealer, applicator or user with storage for 6,000 gallons or more of anhydrous ammonia must obtain a license from NDDA. All licensed facilities are inspected every five years, and inspectors have the authority to inspect related equipment, such as nurse tanks, hoses and transport equipment.

North Dakota currently has 337 licensed facilities.

Goehring urged producers, applicators and dealers who have questions about rules and regulations covering anhydrous ammonia to contact NDDA.

“As with our pesticide program, we intend to take a proactive approach to anhydrous ammonia regulation,” Goehring said. “In the coming year, the department will conduct an extensive education and outreach effort to help anhydrous users better understand and comply with the law.”

 Goehring thanked the Insurance Department and Commissioner Adam Hamm for their assistance in the transfer.

“NDDA and the Insurance Department worked together to get the legislation passed,” Goehring said. “In the past year, Insurance Department staff has provided training opportunities and technical advice to our inspectors and will soon complete the transfer of inspection records.”