Meeting Notice

The North Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom Council will meet at 10:30 a.m., Monday, June 11, at the North Dakota Farmers Union Headquarters, 1415 12th Ave. SE, in Jamestown.

The board will review grant proposals for 2012-13 Agriculture in the Classroom programs.

Council members include Kim Alberty, Agassiz Seed; Nancy Jo Bateman, North Dakota Beef Commission; Sheri Coleman, Northern Canola Growers Association; Aaron Anderson, North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education, Wendi Stachler, North Dakota State University graduate student; Kirk Olson, McKenzie County Farm Bureau, and Bob Marthaller, representing Superintendent of Public Instruction Wayne Sanstead.

The North Dakota Agriculture in the Classroom program helps teachers integrate agricultural information into the science, math, social studies, language arts and other classes they teach. The program offers a variety of curricula and class lesson development materials, training seminars, a magazine and other tools for teachers to use to make agriculture part of the school day.

Grant priorities for the 2012-13 school year will focus on 4th and 8th-graders in North Dakota's urban centers, especially communities lacking agriculture education, and on enhancing established agriculture education programs to help reach new audiences.

The program is administered by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture.