Meeting Notice

The North Dakota State Board of Animal Health will meet at 9 a.m., Wednesday, Sept. 21, at the Dakota Zoo Discovery Center, 600 Riverside Park Road, Bismarck.

Draft Agenda

  • Tuberculosis update
  • Brucellosis update
  • Tuberculosis/brucellosis proposed rule comments
  • MCI investigation
  • Request for change to equine importation requirements
  • Animal disease traceability – Animal ID Working Group update
  • Flood and shelter update
  • Johne's disease update
  • Budget update
  • Livestock investigations update
  • NAHLN Lab Survey
  • NTL violations and update
  • Agriculture Department grant forms protocol
  • ND Lamb & Wool Producers request for B. ovis tests pending
  • Game and Fish
  • FMD – Draft of comments on Japan's risk assessment
  • Illegal importations