Interactive drought map to be deactivated

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Department of Agriculture’s (NDDA) Drought Hotline interactive map will be deactivated on Dec. 29, 2017.

Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring launched the Drought Hotline interactive map in June to an immediate positive response from producers seeking hay, and others with hay to sell, pasture or hayland to rent, and individuals willing to transport or haul hay.

“The nice thing about the interactive map was that it gave producers the ability to click any listing and directly contact people in regards to their needs,” Goehring said. In total, the map had participants from 33 states and two Canadian provinces and was viewed nearly 11,000 times.

Other statistics from the map include:

  • 345 producers from across the country with hay to sell
  • 65 producers wanting to donate hay
  • 60 people with hayland, pasture or feedlots available
  • 37 people available to haul hay
  • 25 people with available Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) acres

Though the interactive map will be deactivated, information from the map will still be available for the public’s use by contacting the NDDA.

“We were pleased to see the Drought Hotline interactive map become an invaluable asset for drought-affected North Dakota farmers and ranchers who used it to help find those selling and donating hay, and provide some relief to their operations,” Goehring said.

Goehring thanked those involved with drought relief efforts including: the United States Department of Agriculture, North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, Ag Community Relief, North Dakota State University Extension Service, North Dakota Farm Service Agency, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture, and the Montana Department of Agriculture.