Goehring urges extra attention to livestock during calving

Bismarck – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is urging livestock producers to take additional measures and if necessary seek advice to ensure their animals have proper nutrition and care during an especially challenging calving season. 

“This year's late, wet and cold spring has put additional pressure on livestock and their owners,” he said. “We have heard reports of pneumonia and scours in young calves, as well as decreasing body condition scores in adult animals.”

Goehring said producers can get advice from their local veterinarians, North Dakota State University Extension agents and nutritionists in dealing with animal health problems.

“It is never too late to improve the quality of a ration by supplementing available feedstuffs which will help improve the overall health and productivity of their livestock,” he said.     

Dr. Susan Keller, North Dakota state veterinarian, said weather-related problems have been compounded in some herds by poor quality hay or dwindling supplies of feed.

“Lack of adequate nutrition and needed supplements will also possibly cause poor colostrum in cattle calving now,” she said. “This can lead to multiple calf health problems and poorer conception rates within cow herds in the future.”