Goehring, NDDES honor leaders in Minot animal shelter effort

MINOT – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring and the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services (NDDES) have honored a Minot animal shelter and four Minot residents for leading the effort to shelter pets during the 2011 Mouse River flood.

The certificates of recognition were presented to:

  • The Souris Valley Animal Shelter; Susan Wagers, director, and the staff;
  • Jay Fisher, director of the North Dakota State University North Central Research Extension Center (NCREC), where the emergency shelter was located;
  • Chad Anderson, a seed production specialist, NCREC;
  • John Dhuyvetter, an extension livestock systems specialist, NCREC, and
  • Lee Novak, agricultural research technician, NCREC.

The presentation was made Thursday during the KMOT Ag Show by Greg Wilz, deputy director of NDDES, and by Dr. Jesse Vollmer, assistant state veterinarian, on Goehring's behalf.

“Thanks to these four people, their staffs and dozens of volunteers, hundreds of household pets were taken in and cared for when their owners were unable to do so,” said. “If it had not been for these efforts, many of these animals undoubtedly would have been lost or destroyed.”

“Clearly, this was the largest disaster pet sheltering operation in the state's history,” said Wilz. “We are so appreciative for the hard work and commitment of those who managed and operated the shelter.”

Goehring, who toured the emergency shelter in July, said he was very impressed by what he saw.

“The cages were clean and neat; the animals were fed, watered and exercised daily, and there was no interruption of the important agricultural research work at the extension center,” he said.

Goehring said the shelter took in more than 500 animals, mostly dogs and cats, but also an iguana, a rabbit and a number of birds.