Goehring applauds vision for better rural America

BISMARCK, N.D. – Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring applauds the vision for a better rural America outlined by President Trump today at the American Farm Bureau’s 99th Annual Convention in Nashville. President Trump established an interagency task force chaired by Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue in April 2017 to identify ways to help improve life in rural America.

“I congratulate President Trump and the American Farm Bureau for being engaged at the grassroots level to hear from rural America about needs for the future,” Goehring said.

“Secretary Perdue and the task force have developed key recommendations to enable our rural areas not only to survive, but to thrive,” Goehring continued. “I applaud the changes they are proposing which include regulatory reform, tax reform, research, infrastructure development and more.”

“Secretary Perdue has been a pleasure to work with this past year with the drought and other issues,” Goehring said. “The task force focused on rural America is a great first step and I look forward to being involved in the implementation of this vision.”

The task force built their recommendations around five key indicators: connectivity for rural America, quality of life improvement, support for a rural workforce, technological innovation and economic development.