Goehring advises producers to record livestock losses

BISMARCK -- Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is advising livestock producers to carefully document, record and verify livestock losses from last week's winter storm.

“Ranchers should keep detailed records, including photographs, of their livestock that died from the storm,” Goehring said. “They should also get a third party verification of their losses from a local veterinarian.”

Goehring said the expiration of the Farm Bill, including provisions for helping producers recover from losses, means no assistance is currently available.

“Our congressional delegation is working hard to pass a new Farm Bill,” he said. “When and if the legislation, including indemnification for losses, becomes law, the documentation kept by producers may help them receive the assistance they need.”

Goehring cautioned that passage of the Farm Bill will probably not result in immediate availability of assistance or compensation for losses, and it is not clear if it will be retroactive.

He said producers needing help in compiling loss documentation should contact the North Dakota Mediation Service at (800) 642-4752.

Goehring also reminded producers that state law requires the disposal of animal carcasses by an approved method within 36 hours. Information on carcass disposal is available on the North Dakota State University website at www.ag.ndsu.edu/publications/landing-pages/livestock/animal-carcass-disposal-options-nm1422.

Some landfills have been approved for large animal carcass disposal. The North Dakota Health Department has a list of these facilities at www.ndhealth.gov/wm/Publications/MunicipalSolidWasteLandfills.pdf. Producers should contact the landfill to make arrangements before delivery.

A link to both websites can be found on the North Dakota Department of Agriculture website at www.nd.gov/ndda.