Feed, fertilizer tonnage reports and licenses due

BISMARCK –Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring is encouraging North Dakota commercial feed manufacturers and fertilizer distributors to make sure that their annual tonnage reports have been received by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture by Jan. 31.

“It may have been an oversight or just forgotten, but there is still time to file these reports,” Goehring said. “If the reports are filed late, then late fees will be applied, so we are encouraging feed manufacturers and fertilizer to file their reports before the deadline.”

Goehring said feed manufacturer license renewals and feed retailer license renewals are also due Jan. 31, and are also subject to late fees.

“If you have questions about these tonnage reports or license renewals, please contact the department immediately,” Goehring said.

Questions regarding fertilizer tonnage should be directed to Spencer Wagner at 701-328-1508 or Amanda Hayen at 701-328-1500. Questions about feed license renewals or feed tonnage should be directed to Dave Phillips at 701-328-1501 or Hayen.

State law requires anyone who distributes agricultural fertilizers, soil amendments, plant amendments, and micronutrients in packages 25 pounds or more to the end-user or consumer to report tonnage. Any person who registers specialty (non-agricultural) fertilizers in packages of 25 pounds or more must also report tonnage to the state.

State law also requires that all feed manufacturers report tonnage. Feed manufacturers and retailers must also be licensed.