Credit Review Board to Meet

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Credit Review Board will meet at 8:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 1, in the Red River Room of the State Capitol in Bismarck.

Tentative Agenda

  1. Call to order
  2. CRB financial report
  3. Ag Mediation reports
    a. Budget report
    b. Accounts receivable
    c. Negotiation & mediation clients
    d. Waivers (confidential)
  4. Administrator's report
  5. AMS legislative update*
    a. Arbitration process, deer depredation
    b. Oil mediation
    c. Name change
  6. Adult Farm Management
  7. Bank of North Dakota
  8. North Dakota Game and Fish Department
  9. Adjourn

The six-member Credit Review Board establishes policy for the North Dakota Agricultural Mediation Service (NDAMS), makes recommendations to the State Board of Vocational and Technical Education regarding the Adult Farm Management Program and advises the Industrial Commission on Bank of North Dakota farm lending programs.