Last year, many of North Dakota’s school lunch programs took pride in selecting a menu showcasing foods grown, produced and manufactured right here in North Dakota. Please help us celebrate the North Dakota Department of Agriculture's Agriculture in the Classroom School Lunch Day!  It is as easy as serving North Dakota grown food such as beef, pork, corn, wheat, honey, cheese, sunflower seeds and pinto beans as well as other foods manufactured in our state. Food that we eat every day can be grown and produced in our very own state.

Our goal for 2020 is to have all K-12 school children participate in the Agriculture in the Classroom School Lunch Day. Would your school consider participating in the event?  NDDA & DPI Child Nutrition will provide you with educational posters, promotional materials, recipes and activities to help make this event a success!

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**If you are a district coordinator registering for multiple schools in your district, please register each school separately for accurate counts for participation and curriculum.


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