To advise the agriculture commissioner on current topics related to the organics industry in North Dakota. To facilitate conversation and collaboration between stakeholders in the organic industry in North Dakota.



The North Dakota Organics Advisory Board brings together organic farmers, organic processors, certifying agencies, supporting organizations and consumers to promote, sustain and advance the organic industry in North Dakota through advocacy, research, education and resources to meet the needs of the organic agriculture community.


Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Upcoming Meetings


Board members

Annie Carlson  Chairperson / Specialty Crops / Vegetable Producer Representative
Stephanie Blumhagen Vice Chairperson / FARRMS Representative
Christina Dockter ICS Representative
Travis Steele Producer Representative
Chris Weigert Processor Representative
Daneen Dressler Processor Representative
Lowell Kaul Producer Representative
Glen Philbrick Producer Representative
Theresa Podoll Specialty Crop / Vegetable Producer Representative
Wayne Mittleider Certifying Agency Representative
Glenn Muske Consumer Representative
Kaye Kirsch Consumer Representative
  NPSAS Representative
Jose Franco Researcher Seat
Clair Keene, NDSU University Representative