The Department of Agriculture acquired a commercial kitchen on wheels to help promote agriculture across the state while offering a licensed kitchen for processing fruits and vegetables, producing commercial products, teaching food safety and food processing classes or simply testing new recipes and products.  For more information on leasing or bringing the mobile food processing unit to your community contact Jamie Good at 701-328-2659 or email

A special thank you to ND Soybean Council, Northarvest Bean Growers Association and the Northern Pulse Growers Association for sponsoring the mobile food processing unit.



Mobile Food Processing Unit Flyer

Mobile Food Unit Frequently Asked Questions

Does this unit qualify as a commercial kitchen?

Yes. This unit will meet all the specifications for a commercial kitchen.

North Dakota has 19 local health units, and each one has the authority to certify the kitchens in their area. Those not served by a local health unit are under the authority of the North Dakota Health Department. We expect to get the unit certified in all jurisdictions without any problem.

More importantly, for those who would be using the kitchen for commercial use (that is selling products to the public) the local health unit or the State Health Department, in those areas not served by a local health unit, also need to “certify” that the person in charge of the activity has adequate knowledge. The requirements may vary based on the local health unit rules. Some may require a few hour long course in food preparation, while others may just have you demonstrate to them that you know what you are doing.

Can individuals, private business or organizations lease this unit?


Will I need to sign a contract or lease agreement to use the unit?


What will be in the contract?

Please contact the North Dakota Department of Agriculture for further details.

What is the cost to lease the unit?

The cost is $125 per day plus transportation.

Is there a deposit required?

Yes, there will be a refundable deposit required. The amount has not yet been determined.

Can this unit be used for public events in our community?

Yes. It depends on the availability of the unit.

Can it be used outside of North Dakota?

No, not at the present time.

Can this unit be used by persons who don’t intend to sell products commercially?

Yes. For example, several families might get together to process fruits and vegetables for their own use and find it convenient to lease this unit. However, priority will be given to those wishing to use it for commercial use. When there is joint use of the unit, one person will be required to sign the contract and be responsible for all the provisions.

Does the Department supply the pickup truck?

Yes. We lease a ¾-ton diesel pick-up from the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association. Cost of transportation will be diesel costs, plus a negotiated per mile charge. You will have to provide a licenses driver in most cases.

Who owns the unit?

The title for the unit is with the North Dakota Department of Agriculture. However, thanks go out to the North Dakota Soybean Council, Northarvest Bean Growers Association, and the Northern Pulse Growers Association for helping make this unit available.

What about insurance?

The leasee will be responsible for the deductable on the pick-up and the processing unit for property damage. It will be included in the lease agreement.

Will additional equipment be added to the unit?

We intend to purchase additional equipment once it is determined what demand is out there. Initial thoughts are to add packaging equipment and a dehydrator.

Does the unit need to be plugged into an electrical outlet?

No. Since it has a gas generator, it can be used in remote places. Otherwise it can be plugged into a 110V or 220V circuit. If plugged into a 110V circuit, the air-conditioning unit cannot be used.


Mobile Food Processing Unit Contacts

Jamie Good

Local Foods Specialist
701-328-2659 701-226-7337