The North Dakota Farmers Market & Growers Association (NDFMGA)

The NDFMGA is a marketing organization that is geared to help you improve your marketing skills and to assist in supporting locally grown and processed North Dakota products.

Are you interested in advancing your direct marketing skills to enhance your farmers market business, roadside stand or pick your own market?

Are you interested in supporting North Dakota locally grown and produced products?

If the answer is yes, this is the organization for you!


  • Build a farmers market program that connects producers and consumers.
  • Develop marketing tools and strategies for producers and market managers to ensure long-term sustainability of rural North Dakota.
  • Increase consumer and producer awareness on the benefits of fresh, locally grown products.


Membership in this organization is available to everyone who is engaged in the production, or promotion of direct marketing of freshly grown or processed North Dakota products. Visit for more detailed information about membership.

Look for this logo at member markets and places around the state where you buy fruits and vegetables. If a product displays this label, it was grown in North Dakota!

ND Farmers Market Pricing Study

Farmers Markets Contacts

Kristine Kostuck

Local Foods Marketing Specialist