North Dakota Verified Livestock (NDVL) is a voluntary marketing program create to add value to North Dakota livestock through age and source verification. This verification is currently required by some cattle marketers, feed yards, and beef packing plants.

As export opportunities become more available, age and source verification is a priority for foreign markets and some domestic markets. North Dakota Verified Livestock will assist by qualifying livestock producers to utilize these opportunities and gain access to foreign markets.

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Age & Source Verification begins with the cow/calf producer. Participating producers are required to have verifiable birth records and individually identify cattle with a program compliant tag prior to leaving the ranch of origin.

    Small Round TagLarge TagSmall Round NDVL Tag
Proposed ear tags for the North Dakota Verified Livestock program


North Dakota Verified Livestock is a unique and flexible program to livestock producers. Cattle can be age verified as individuals (individual calving dates) or by a group (first born birth date is applied to the whole heard). Using the management practices already established by the producers in the state, the phrase "Made in North Dakota" will have value to the consumer.

Adding Value with North Dakota Verified Livestock

  • Adds value to North Dakota livestock through age and source verification
  • Allows for cattle to be eligible for export market
  • Provide production systems to gain access to opportunities in certain domestic markets
  • At the request of the producer, North Dakota Verified Livestock will be advertised to livestock marketers and feed yards

How to Qualify

  • Maintain calving records for age and source verification
  • Contact North Dakota Department of Agriculture to schedule an on-site enrollment process
  • Tag animals identified as North Dakota Verified Livestock
  • Submit documents and data for verification

Enrollment Requirements

  • All North Dakota Cattle producers are eligible

Program Costs

  • On-site verification costs are covered by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture
  • EID tag only: $3.00 available at approved NDVL retail suppliers
  • Visual and EID tag: $4.05 per head enrollment
  • Feed yard enrollment: $275.00

*Age & Source Verification provided through AgInfoLink's USDA Approved Process Verified Program

Age and Source Verification Contacts

Jason Wirtz

Livestock Development Specialist
600 East Boulevard Ave. Dept. 602 Bismarck, ND 58505
701-220-1628 701-328-2231 or 800-242-7535