Certificate of veterinary inspection -is required for all sheep entering the state, except those for immediate slaughter at a state or federally inspected slaughter facility.

Permit number -is required on all sheep entering the state, exception made for movements to approved auction market.

Individual identification-by official USDA scrapie eartag is required for all sheep. Wethers for exhibition and sheep less than 18 months of age in slaughter channels may be exempt from ID requirements. Contact the office for details.

Brucella Ovis - Rams over six months of age must test negative to Brucella ovis within 30 days prior to entry or originate from a flock meeting Brucella ovis-free flock status requirements. Rams 6 months of age and older can only be sold 'direct to slaughter' (no feeding for slaughter) without testing.

Scrapie statement to be included on the certificate of veterinary inspection:

For Feeder Lambs less than 18 months of age only:
-"The animals in the shipment are not exhibiting clinical signs associated with scrapie" OR
-"The animals in the shipment have no history of clinical signs or exposure to contagious or infectious diseases."

For any age of Breeding Sheep and Any Class of Sheep over 18 months of age:
-"To the best of my knowledge, the sheep listed on this certificate originate from a flock that has not been diagnosed as a scrapie-infected, source, or exposed flock in the past five years." (This statement shall be signed by the owner.)

If the flock has been diagnosed as scrapie-infected, source, trace, or exposed in the past five years, but has completed a flock plan and is in full compliance with a Post-Exposure Management and Monitoring Plan (PEMMP), a statement to that effect may be written on the health certificate in lieu of the above statement.

*The following non-domestic sheep and their hybrids may require additional licensing and testing prior to importation into North Dakota:

  • Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Painted Desert, Multi-horned Hair, New Mexico Dall, Texas Dall, and Desert Sand

**Sheep coming direct from a producer's premises to an approved auction market

  • All sheep can come direct from a producer's premises to an approved auction market without a health certificate or a permit PROVIDED the sheep are accompanied by the owner’s scrapie and statement AND identified as required, prior to or on arrival. Feeder lambs <18 months of age can come without the scrapie tag, provided that they are restricted to slaughter channels.