NDCC 04-01-32-35 concerns the Federal Environmental Law Impact Review Committee.

NDCC 04-01-34 specifically states "The agriculture commissioner may accept gifts, grants, and donations for the purposes set forth in sction 4-01-33, provided the commissioner posts the amount and source of any gifts, grants, and donations on the department of agriculture's website. Any moneys received in accordance with this section must be deposited in the federal environmental law impact review fund."

The following is a list of gifts, grants or donations to the fund that have been received thus far:

  • ND Grain Growers Association - $3,000
  • Crop Protection Product Harmonization and Registration Board (ND Department of Agriculture) - $225,000
  • ND Department of Transportation - $75,000
  • Apiary Program (ND Department of Agriculture) - $20,000
  • ND Wheat Commission - $5,000
  • ND Stockmen's Association - $5,000
  • Independent Beef Association of ND - $500
  • North Dakota Petroleum Council - $50,000

Federal Environmental Law Impact Review Committee (FELIRC) Contacts

North Dakota Department of Agriculture

600 E Boulevard Dept 602 Bismarck ND 58505-0020
701-328-2231 1-800-242-7535