In celebration of Farm to School Month, States throughout the Mountain Plains Region (CO, MT, MO, KS, NE, ND, SD, WY) are competing to see which State can get the most “crunches” into a local apple, or other local produce, per capita.

As a Crunch Off participant, you will join students, teachers, farmers, parents, community members, and local food enthusiasts in celebrating the wonderful produce the Mountain Plains Region has to offer. Your Crunch efforts will support agriculture while celebrating Farm to School Month and shedding light on the wonderful efforts of our school food service partners.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Register! If you would like to host a crunch event, register your event here:
  2. Create a Crunch Team! Find a group of individuals who are excited about Farm to School and local food. Consider including students, teachers, food service staff, administrators, the PTA, and community members to help you plan and promote your event.
  3. Decide what you will crunch and where you will get it from! Please note each State has its own rules on what items count as “crunchable,” so if you would like to crunch something other than an apple, please refer to the State specific resources provided upon registration, or reach out to the point of contact in your State, found at the end of this guide.
  4. Create your Crunch plan! You may choose to have a school-wide Crunch in a large assembly, individual classrooms, during lunch, or at some other time and place. Each State has its own rules on where and when Crunches can take place; please refer to the State specific resources provided upon registration.
  5. Promote your Crunch event! Share your event on social media, print media, school announcements, newsletter, etc.

2021 Crunch Off Contacts

Kara Haff

Ag Marketing & Business Development Coordinator