May 25, 2011 - Cost Summary, EDMS Request Types

All Users

  • On the "Cost Summary" page, the Estimated Cost value will now be calculated for Load Test service requests.  Previously, a $0.00 value was always displayed.  The Cost Summary page displays a summary of charges for a Work Order and its individual Service Requests.  To access the Cost Summary page, users will select a "Cost Summary" link at the top of a Work Order or Service Request page within the tan-colored Work Order information box.  If there are charges, the Cost Summary page will display the Estimated, Actual, and Remaining Costs for the Work Order and Service Requests.  If there are no charges, the Cost Summary page will display the message "No service requests with estimated or actual hours exist".
  • For EDMS service requests, the EDMS type of "New Project Estimate" has been deactivated.  Users will no longer be able to submit this type of EDMS service request.  A "Software Dev/GIS/PM/QA" service request should be submitted instead.