March 16, 2009 - ConnectND User ID Service Requests

All Users

For ConnectND User ID service requests with an Add Action, the "Email Address" input field will no longer be required.

ITD Users

For the "SD Division Performance Measure" report:

  • The "Actual Hours" column values will now be calculated correctly for General Header service requests without assignments. Previously, the actual hours were displayed as 0.0.
  • The "Actual Hours" column values will now be calculated using chargeable, consultant, and non-chargeable hours. Previously, only chargeable and consultant hours were used in the calculations.

ITD Admin Users

On the "ITD Maintenance" page, a new "Contact Classification Type" link has been added. ITD Admin users can now add, edit, and delete (inactivate) contact classification types through the WMS application. Previously, this information could only be modified through direct database access.