January 15, 2009 - Work Queue

ITD Users

On the "Work Queue" page, service requests have now been split into two tables, "Process Service Requests" and "Process Service Requests - SWDev General Header". The Software Dev/GIS/PM/QA general header service requests have been moved to the separate table to reduce the size and clutter of the "Process Service Requests" table, and to provide easier detection during the end-of-year process to close the old and create the new general headers. Column sorting is also available in the new table. Columns may be sorted in either ascending or descending order. Selecting a column field name once will sort the table in ascending order; selecting a column field name a second time will sort the table in descending order. Selecting the "My Work Queue" link at the top of the page (in the graybar line) will cancel the column sort.