October 16, 2008 - Contact Summary, Open Service Requests For Possible Closure Report

ITD Users

  • On the "Main Menu" page, the "Contact Summary" link will now be displayed to all ITD users with a contact type of Director, Lead Request Manager, and Request Manager. The "Contact Summary" feature displays a summary of a contact's work items and department setup. Previously, the "Contact Summary" link was only available to ITD Admin users.
  • A new "Open Service Requests For Possible Closure" report is now available. Eligible users will be able to generate a search result containing a list of service requests that can potentially be completed based on the following criteria: a) the service request is in assigned status, b) all of the assignments for the service request have been completed, c) the service request has an estimated completion date that is equal to or less than the current date. The search result can optionally be exported into Microsoft Excel.