November 8, 2006 - Service Request Approvals

All Users

  • When a service request is approved with comments, the comments will now be saved in the service request history comments and sent to the requestor in the notification email.
  • Users will now be able to put "Telecommunications" service requests on-hold. Previously, an unable-to-process error occurred.
  • For "Web Changes" service requests:
    • The "Action" input field will be displayed as a dropdown list instead of a radio list, and the display size of the "URL" input field will be increased to three lines instead of one line.
    • The "W3C Level2" and "Bobby Priority" field values will now be stored when ITD Processors select the "Complete" button. Previously ITD Processors needed to select the Update button (to save the changes) prior to selecting the Complete button.
  • For "Websphere Deployment" service requests:
    • The field name of "Flush Database Connections" will be displayed on all pages. Previously, the field was inconsistently displayed as "Database Changed" on some pages and "Database Connections Need to be Flushed" on other pages.
    • The "Other Events to Coordinate Deployment With" and "Security Mappings" fields will be displayed below the field name (instead of to the right).
  • When a service request is returned to the requestor with some comments and then the requestor puts the service request on-hold, the "Returned" status comments will no longer be carried forward into the "On-Hold" status comments in the service request status history.