July 13, 2006 - Cost Estimates

All Users

  • When the status of a Budget Cost Estimate is changed to Void, the following informational message will be inserted into the Void Status History Comments: "Cost estimates are open for 90 days allowing customers to proceed ("Approve") or cancel ("Not Approve") the software development work. The 90 days for this cost estimate has passed. Its status has been automatically changed to "Void". If this cost estimate was used for Biennium Budgeting, it is still considered valid for that purpose. However, when you are ready to proceed with the work for this cost estimate, a new Work Order and Service Request need to be submitted. NOTE: Voided cost estimates are still viewable through the Work Management System."

ITD Users

  • A new "Telecom Search Requests Report" has been created for the ITD Telecommunications Division. Users will be able to select from two search criteria items (service groups and service request statuses) to display a search result. The search result can be optionally exported into Microsoft Excel. (Crystal Reports and Adobe PDFs were not used for this report).