April 12, 2006 - Project Management

All Users

  • For Issues documents, two additional types of Attachments are now available:
    • Initiators will be able to add Internal Attachments (optional). The (External) Attachments functionality remains unchanged.
    • Responders will be able to add Response Attachments (optional).

ITD Users

  • For ITD User ID service requests with a "Delete" action type, users will now be able to enter multiple User IDs per service request. Previously, only one User ID could be entered per service request.
  • For LDAP Access service requests, an LDAP ID will now be created with a 'uniqueidentifier' attribute when the "Add to LDAP" button is selected by a Security processor.

ITD Admin Users

  • On the "Department Privileges" page, the divisions will now be displayed in the standard format of "number - description".