March 1, 2006 - Adding Attachments

All Users

  • The "Adding Attachments" functionality has been restored. The error began on January 27, 2006 for users accessing WMS with an Internet Explorer browser and the address An http downgrade directive has been added in the reverse proxy server for IE browsers to compensate for ssl socket connection close issues with IE.
  • For ConnectND User ID service requests:
    • For the Human Resource and Financial applications, a new environment of "OMB-Rept" has been added. The environments for the Portal Server application are unchanged.
    • When a "User ID" or "User ID to Copy From" value is entered, the value will now be converted and stored in uppercase.
    • For an Add Action, the non-functional "Initial Password" field has been removed.
    • For a Change Action, the "Empl ID No:" field has been added.
    • For a Delete Action, the "Applications/Environments" table has been added.