April 14, 2005 - Search Page Navigation

All Users

  • Within the following search areas of WMS: "Search" under Work Orders, "Search Requests" and "Search Assignments" under Service Requests, and "Search Projects" under Project Management, the navigation process has been modified.
    • The 'First, Previous, Next, Last' buttons have been enhanced to the following design: Previous < 1 | 2 | 3 > Next .
    • If there are more then 25 entries in the search result, users will encounter multiple pages. Users will have the capability to go to the previous or next page with each page containing a maximum of 25 entries.
  • Within the search areas above, anchoring has also been added. When users view information within these areas and then select 'Return', users will be returned to the same location on the Search page. Previously, users were always returned to the top of the page and had to scroll back down.
  • The Work Order Approval process has been corrected to require validation of charge codes and to allow charge code modification during Supervisor approval when the approving individual is both a Supervisor and Request manager. Previously, invalid charge codes were being permitted to pass through in this situation.