February 15, 2005 - Service Request Estimated Completion Date Field

All Users

  • An "Estimated Completion Date" field has been added to all service request types. The Estimated Completion Date field will default to the Required Date requested by the customer, but can then be adjusted by ITD as requested by the customer. This change will give the customer a better understanding of when the work will actually be completed.

ITD Users

  • In the Work Queue "Process Service Requests" table, the second column from the right now contains the service request Estimated Completion Date. Previously, this column contained the service request Required Date.
  • For Web Changes Service Request Assignments, the Performance Measures field will now default to 'Yes'. Previously, the default was 'No'.
  • When changing a field on a service request page, ITD Processors will no longer need to select the Update button (to save the changes) prior to selecting another button. The Update functionality has been incorporated into the other buttons (e.g., Assignments).
  • From the Edit Assignment page, when a developer changes the Description or Comments field and selects Update, the Performance Measures value will no longer automatically change from Yes to No.