January 21, 2005 - Contact Searches

All Users

  • Contact Search results will now be sorted alphabetically by order of column headings.

ITD Users

  • For Task Hour Change documents, the "From Task WSB No" and "To Task WSB No" input fields will now allow 15 characters. Previously, only 9 characters were allowed.
  • For Task Hour Change documents, the "Number of Hours" input field will now allow one decimal position.
  • On the "Unassigned Software Development Service Requests" page, a "Charge Code" column has been added after the Division column.
  • From the "Search Assignments" page, a user can now select only the "Completed" radio button and run a search. Previously, the user was also required to enter the "Date Completed From" and "Date Completed To" input fields.
  • On the "Search Service Request Time Entries" page, the Department input field will now be defaulted to blank. Previously, this field was defaulted to "Information Technology Department - 1120".