January 19, 2005 - Work Queues, Project Teams

All Users

  • Anchoring has been added to the "Work Queue" page. When users select a link from the Work Queue and then select 'Return', they will be returned to the same location on the Work Queue. Previously, users were always returned to the top of the Work Queue and had to scroll back down.
  • On the Work Queue, clicking on the symbol of a "circle with an up arrow" will take the user to the top of the Work Queue page.
  • On the Work Queue 'My Work Orders' table, the following new columns have been added: End User, Request Manager, Required Date, and Action. The Action field includes any of the following links: Service Requests, Edit, Close, or Remove.
  • On the Work Queue 'My Assignments' table, a new 'Comments' column has been added.
  • On the 'Add Project Team Members' page:
    • The Current Project Team Members table will be listed below the search results.
    • A new "Return to Project Team" button will be displayed when there are no search results.
  • The Dept column has been removed from all Project Team pages.

ITD Users

  • On the Work Queue 'Process Service Requests' table:
    • Two new columns, 'Work Order No' and 'Priority' (with Sequence number), have been added.
    • Column sorting has been added. Columns may be sorted in either ascending or descending order. Users will click once on the highlighted column field name to sort in ascending order, then click a second time to sort in descending order.
  • On the 'Assignment' page:
    • "Edit" will now be displayed as a button.
    • The "Add Assignment Change" link will now be part of the History table (if the table has information).
  • On the "Assignment Change Request" page, the Status, Comments, and Performance Measures fields have been removed from the Assignment Information area.