December 17, 2004 - Email Address Service Requests, Date Fields

All Users

  • On an Email Address Service Request, users can now select the 'Remove RightFax' and 'Remove Additional Quota' fields and submit the request. Previously, an edit message was displayed and the service request could not be submitted.
  • Entering a non-numeric character in a date field (e.g., 12/17/200y) and selecting submit will now display an appropriate edit message. Previously, an unable-to-process error occurred.

ITD Users

  • Groupware processors can now "Complete" Email Address Service Requests that do not have a billing impact. Previously, all Email Address Service Requests from outside agencies had to be forwarded to Accounting even if no billing changes were needed.
  • The Software Development Service Request Processor pages have been changed. The changes include moving the date input boxes to the right of the field names (instead of below), and reordering the fields. The content on the pages did not change.

ITD Admin Users

  • When Adding or Editing Service Groups, the email address input field will now allow up to 75 characters. Previously, only 30 characters were allowed.