October 8, 2004 - Generic Service Requests (Internal)

All Users

  • For Internal Generic Service Requests, employee search results will return individuals who are not in any Service Group(s). Previously, employee search results only returned individuals who were in Service Group(s).
  • For "Change" Mainframe User ID Service Requests, the "User ID to Copy From" input field will be available on the edit page.
  • For IP Address Service Requests, the "Hardware Type" value will be displayed on the view page.
  • For Oracle User ID Service Requests, multiple rows of Table Grant Details may be entered on the edit page. Previously, only a single row of Table Grant Details could be entered.
  • Object documentation text will wrap.

ITD Users

  • On the Work Order Search and Service Request Search pages, the department field will be defaulted to blank.
  • Service Requests assigned to the Project Management Team will be assigned Team 'M' in the mainframe TIME system.
  • Object documentation will allow multiple levels of the same object in the same service request.