June 24, 2004 - Telecommunication Service Requests

All Users

  • The Required Date field on a Telecommunication Service Request is now defaulted to a service interval of 3 days.
  • The Account Type field on an Email Address Service Request is now a required field.
  • When a Work Order is closed, the "remove" option on the Work Queue is only displayed to the End User.
  • The Jaws 4.5 Reader Update buttons are now correctly interpreted as Update, not Continue.
  • "Other" has been added to the drop down list for Type of Note.
  • Problem Log Retest comments will not be carried over to Completed comments.
  • The Firewall Access Service Request with a Delete action type will now allow a 'Save' or 'Submit'.

ITD Users

  • The Impact of Change "Calculate New Estimate Cost" and "Add Attachment" buttons are now working correctly. Previously, an unable-to-process error was displayed.

ITD Admin Users

  • Delete button is now displayed on the Contact Details Page if a contact is not active in any department.