WMS Application

Why are Work Orders still in My Work Queue once the Service Request has been completed?

  • The individual that created the Work Order must close the Work Order. Completing the Service Request does not close the Work Order.

Can I copy and paste screen shots into the Work Management System narrative fields?

  • No. You must send the information as an attachment. Copying and pasting often results in truncated text or miscellaneous characters in the text.

I tried closing a Work Order and received the message "Work Order cannot be closed - open service requests or projects have been found." What does this mean?

  • Either a service request or the project under the work order is not in a 'final' status. Verify that all of the service requests under the work order are in one of the final statuses of 'Completed', 'Denied', or 'Withdrawn', and that the project (if any) is in the final status of 'Closed'. If not, please contact the ITD Service Desk--they will contact the appropriate ITD staff member to get the service request or project into a final status.

What is the difference between the Service Request statuses "Work Complete" and "Completed"?

  • Some Service Requests (i.e., Network, Telecom, EDMS, Email) use an intermediate Work Complete status. The Work Complete intermediate status indicates the Service Request work has been processed and the Service Request has been sent to Accounting for further processing; the Completed final status indicates everything has been completed (including Accounting). A user cannot close a Work Order if it contains any Service Requests that have a Work Complete status.

Can multiple service requests be entered under a work order?

  • Yes. With the exception of the Software Dev/GIS/Proj Mgmt service request type, any combination of service request types can be entered per work order. For Software Dev/GIS/Proj Mgmt service request types, only one can be submitted per work order, and a second can be generated per work order in the instance of an approved Budget Cost Estimate document.

What is the difference between a work order and service request?

  • Think of a filing cabinet drawer that contains many folders, with each folder containing one or many sheets of paper. In WMS, the work orders are the folders and the service requests are the sheets of paper. The Work Queue will list the work orders (folders); within these work orders are the related service requests (sheets of paper). In WMS, a user is free to create their own 'filing system'. For example, one user may create a 'Network/Telecommunications' work order under which they submit all of their Network and Telecommunications service requests. Another user might create a 'Personnel Changes' work order under which they submit all service requests related to the hiring or termination of employees.

I have a work order and I cannot submit a 'Software Dev/GIS/Proj Mgmt' service request under it. Why?

  • Only one Software Dev/GIS/Proj Mgmt service request can be submitted per work order. If the work order already contains one Software Dev/GIS/Proj Mgmt service request, you will not be able to submit a second one from the "Select Type of Service Request" page.

Is there any way to reduce the scrolling on the WMS pages?

  • Yes. If you want to get to the bottom of a screen, press the "END" button on your keyboard to take you to the bottom of a screen where the action buttons are. The "HOME" button will take you to the top of a screen.

WMS Session

I received the message "Session Does Not Exist'. What does this mean?

  • If you do not interact with WMS every 30 minutes, your session on the server will expire due to extended idle time, and WMS will recover to "My Work Queue" or "Select Department" page. If you are keying information into WMS for a lengthy amount of time, you should select the 'Finish Later' or 'Save' options periodically to avoid losing your current work.

If you have saved your password, but saved it incorrectly; how do you clear out the password information in order to enter the correct password?

  • Password saving is not recommended due to security reasons. In Internet Explorer; go to tools; Internet Options; select Content Tab; select AutoComplete; Select Clear Passwords.

I selected the browser's back, forward, and refresh buttons and the WMS application failed. What do I do?

  • Please use the buttons provided in the application. If you do select the browsers back, forward, or refresh buttons, please follow the instructions the application provides, and you will return to a point prior to the selection of the button.

WMS Administrative Setup

How is the employee user information for a department maintained in the Work Management System?

  • The Lead Request Manager (Lead Coordinator) for the department is responsible for "adding", "changing", and "removing" their department's employee users from WMS.

What are the requirements for obtaining WMS Access for a user?

  • The Lead Request Manager should submit a Windows Domain User ID Service Request to request an Active Directory User ID for a user. A VPN Service Request does not need to be submitted for this action.

What is an Active Directory User ID?

  • This is your NDGOV user ID. This may be the same user ID that you use for your Microsoft Exchange email account.

Can the ACRONYM for a department be changed?

  • Yes. Contact your department's Lead Request Manager (Lead Coordinator) who will then contact the ITD Customer Services Desk to change the department's ACRONYM.

Can administrative setup features be changed?

  • Yes, the Lead Request Manager has this responsibility. Contact your department's Lead Request Manager (Lead Coordinator) who will then contact the ITD Customer Services Desk to change the department's administrative setup features.