Using a methodology developed by the Info-Tech Research Group, leadership teams from each of the 18 governor's cabinet agencies were interviewed in 2018 Q2 regarding their perception of IT.  Contrary to traditional surveys, people were asked to reflect upon the value and satisfaction of IT overall; rather than focusing specifically on the Information Technology Department.  In short, they were asked how well technology is serving their business needs and expectations; given the collective effort of ITD, internal resources, contractors, consultants, and software providers.

Overall Metrics

Overall satisfaction and value are key indicators of the impression of IT. These metrics let leaders determine at a glace whether the needs of the business are being met.

IT Scorecard Overall

IT Relationship Satisfaction

Relationships are important. Business leaders need to feel that IT understands their needs, executes as expected, and communicates effectively.

Satisfaction and Importance

IT needs to know what to focus on. The most important services with the lowest satisfaction offer the largest area of improvement for IT to drive business value.

Capacity Constraint

Different agencies have different demands from IT and may be constrained by IT from meeting their goals.

Below are the agencies who feel the most and least constrained by IT:

Project Capacity

The ability to complete large IT projects is critical to meeting strategic goals.  Below are the most and least satisfied agencies in regards to project capacity:

Service Gap

Understanding how satisfaction and value vary among agencies helps with setting expectations and focusing efforts.

Cabinet Agencies Overall