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STAGEnet is governed as a partnership between government and education. In accordance with the STAGEnet Bylaws, three STAGEnet Committees with representation from state and local government, K-12 education, colleges, and universities assist with planning, prioritizing, approving standards and policies, making service level decisions, coordinating among constituencies, communicating, and identifying and providing resources.

The ultimate decision making authority regarding STAGEnet is the lawful responsibility of the North Dakota State CIO as described in ND Century Code (Chapter 54-59-02).

The success of STAGEnet remains contingent upon and has been a result of many private sector business partnerships developed through the anchor tenant model. ITD, which manages and operates STAGEnet, believes this model maximizes the balance of government investment and private sector opportunities to meet the needs of citizens. Working together, partners will seek ways to deliver broadband internet access throughout North Dakota so that citizens in rural and metro communities have the same opportunities available to them. This model has allowed the State and private sector businesses to successfully deliver affordable high-speed internet access to schools and citizens in rural communities that would otherwise not have this type of access.

Enterprise Relationship Model

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