The statewide network has quadrupled in growth since its inception in 1983, and technology demands continue to increase. In order to maintain fast, secure, and reliable service, the STAGEnet infrastructure must support the needs of today and the needs of the future.

Currently, the statewide network supports:

  • 800+ locations
  • 100,000 devices
  • 80,000 computers
  • 10,000 phones
  • 16,000 video conferences (15,000 were delivered to K-12)

The State of ND provides more than 100 online services to citizens. In education, rural schools provide courses through video conferencing to students giving them access to curricula they may not otherwise be able to participate in. Schools have been able to deploy antivirus protection and internet filtering solutions to districts cost effectively through the statewide network.

As a result of North Dakota's commitment and accomplishment of providing a reliable statewide network to combine government and education entities, citizens in many rural communities have reaped the benefits of high-speed internet access resulting from the partnerships formed with local telecommunications companies. As government and education entities begin to transition their workforce and teaching curricula to engage mobile access, broadband and wireless connectivity are quickly becoming increasingly important. STAGEnet today and in the future will play a critical role in maintaining a sense of normality and continuation of business during a time of crisis when communication is so important.

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