Per the 66th & 67th Legislative Assembly of North Dakota,  subject to the rules of the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee (SIEC) a cost share of $1,500 per radio for political subdivisions was established. Per SIRN Policy 6.0.0 Radio Reimbursement Policy / Procedures agencies were categorized into 3 Tiers.  Timing of reimbursements will be based on the following tiers:


Regardless of purchase dates, estimated timeline for reimbursement submissions are as follows, unless SIEC adjusts the reimbursement periods (SIEC will review policy annually):

Tier 1 / Priority 1 – Reimbursement submissions preferred by January 2023
Tier 2 / Priority 2 – Reimbursement submissions between February 2023 – January 2024
Tier 3 / Priority 3 – Reimbursement submissions between December 2023 – May 2024


Tier 1/Priority 1 An agency to include any city, county, political subdivision, privately held or non-profit that responds to incidents that pertain to health, safety, and protection of life. Some of the agencies to include, but not limited to are: law enforcement, corrections, fire, emergency medical services, ambulance services, hospital or trauma centers, air medical, emergency operations centers, and emergency managers.

Privately Held and/or Non-profit reimbursements will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis for eligibility as a Tier 1/ Priority 1 agency.


Tier 2/Priority 2 – An agency to include any city, county, and political subdivision that deals with non-mission critical public services. Some of the agencies to include, but not limited to are: public works, highway/street departments, public health, city/county coroner’s office.


Tier 3/Priority 3 - An agency to include any city, county, political subdivision, and non-profit that deals with education, transportation, and parks and recreation and all other not listed in tiers 1 and 2.


In order for an agency to be reimbursed for a qualified radio, you must complete the following SIRN Radio Reimbursement Questionnaire /Survey.  Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, you will be given access to the reimbursement form needed for reimbursement.  The information collected will be shared with other North Dakota State Agencies to ensure entities are not using other grant dollars which  would exceed the total purchase price of the radio (i.e. If you are purchasing a $3000 radio from the approved list,  which you have a $2000 grant and you pay $1000 difference, you can only ask for $1000 reimbursement). Programming and accessories are not allowable items for the cost share, only the radio price.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact NDIT Public Safety Program Manager (701-328-1104).


Eligible Agencies must purchase an approved radio that will be compatible with the ND SIRN system at completion of the project (i.e. 800MHz or Multiband (with 800Mhz)). This purchase must be made within the specified reimbursement period of April 28, 2019 – May 2024. Reimbursement Period may be shortened with SIEC approval due to available program funding.  Only City/County Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, and Emergency Medical Personnel are eligible at this time.


Rules and Guidelines

Eligibility / Who can participate:  At this time, those eligible are Tier 1 / Priority 1 Agencies  "law enforcement, corrections, fire, emergency medical services, ambulance services, hospital or trauma centers, air medical, emergency operations centers, and emergency managers".  


Those NOT ELIGIBLE are Federal, State and Tribal agencies. 


Even though some agencies are currently not allowed to submit for reimbursement at this time, all agencies need to fill out the Radio Reimbursement Survey.  Those agencies  not purchasing radios this year or waiting also need to complete the survey. This will assist policy makers to show the need and volume of radios in this category to assist with the change needed. This includes all agencies listed above.   


Once the eligible agency purchases the “qualified radio”, you will need to complete the online form. Agencies will need to provide proof of purchase with zero balance invoices, etc. which shows the radios were paid in full. 

1.    Radio must be from the “Approved (GRANT – Eligible)” CAP “2017 Bulletin” List per ND SIRN Standard 2.1.0. It must be programmed with all current SIRN standards pertaining to talkgroups, Fleet mapping, radio alias, etc.

2.    Must be 800MHZ or Multiband (must include 800Mhz)

3.    Per CJIS and ND Attorney General BCI memo, Law Enforcement must purchase an Encrypted radio, it must be AES encrypted,  you must have Over the Air Re-keying (OTAR) enabled at the time of purchase, and purchase multi-key

4.    Per SIEC, your agency is required to purchase Over the Air Programing (OTAP).  It’s recommended to have this enabled at the time of purchase. It will assist in saving you future programming costs

5.    Per SIEC, your agency must program radios to have GPS location sent with the Emergency Button is activated, you must enable GPS at the time of purchase

6.    This reimbursement program cannot be used for “replacements”.  Meaning, if an agency trades in radios every other year or every three years, this program can only be used on the initial purchase and used one time.

7.    If you are purchasing radios for more than one agency, please contact the ND Public Safety Program Manager to properly populate this survey and electronic form.

8. In most cases a city or county fiscal agent(s) will be the recipient of the reimbursed funds.  You will need to work with your fiscal agent to be sure funds are then directed back to your agency (i.e. City / County Auditor, City / County Treasurer).

9. If your agency or fiscal agent is financing your agency radios through a vender, your agency will need to pay at least $1,500 per radio up front to be eligible for the $1,500 Radio Reimbursement.  Proof of the $1,500 up front payment must be provided along with the radio serial numbers at the time of the reimbursement submission.   Please contact ND Public Safety Program Manager prior to purchasing if you have any questions.   Agencies need to be sure they are following all state/local procurement and lending policies and procedures.  

A list of available radios can be found on the SIRN Page. Each agency will need to work with their radio retailer to be sure the radios you are purchasing are completely compatible with the SIRN system before the purchase.  This includes the various features and functions.


Other Guidelines:

Per Federal requirements and North Dakota Attorney General Memo, Law Enforcement radios must be encrypted (AES) with Multi-Key and Over the Air Rekeying (OTAR) to be eligible for reimbursement

Minimum Subscriber / Radio Feature Sets: 

Radio Must be on the P25 CAP list

Must follow all SIRN subscriber Standards

800Mhz band

Smartzone operation 

P25 trunking

TDMA Operation

GPS Enabled upon Emergency Button Activation

Over the Air Programming (OTAP)

AES Encryption (LE Radios)

Multikey Operation (LE Radios)

Over the Air Rekeying (LE Radios)


Motorola Radio Pricing - Subscriber Pricing Information (updated 8/18/2021)

JVC Kenwood Radio Pricing – Subscriber Pricing Information


Steps / Procedures for applying for Reimbursement: 

1. Populate the SIRN Radio Reimbursement Survey 

2. Once completed, you will be given a URL for the electronic SIRN Reimbursement Form (save this link in your bookmarks)

3. If your agency has not previously received payments from the State of North Dakota you will need to register as a "new vendor". New vendors (suppliers and individuals) looking to receive payment from the State should use our online supplier registration pages to apply for a vendor (supplier) number, Online Application. This can be found on the OMB website:  Vendor Registration

4. While filling out the electronic form you will be asked to fill out the following information:

A. Agency Info (address, Tax ID, Address, phone, contact and email address)

B. Purchase Date of Radios

C. Radio Manufacturer

D. Radio Model Number

E. Whether it is 800Mhz or not (it has to be in order to be reimbursed)

F. Radio Serial Number

G. Agency Type (Must be City / County Law Enforcement, Fire, or EMS

H. Invoiced Cost per radio

I. Reimbursement Amount Requested (Max. $1,500 per radio)

5. You will then have to attach the supporting documents:

A. All invoices to support what you are asking to be reimbursed on

B. Copies of canceled checks or proof of payment

C. zero balance invoices, Etc.

(It is easier to combine all documents into one file. If checks covered more than one invoice, please note what invoice numbers the checks paid for. )

6. Once attached, click submit.

7. Once submitted and approved, your fiscal agent should receive the cost share in 4-6 weeks.