Frequently Asked Questions for the SIRN program are being developed.  Please check back soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we do not have any counties that have told us they are not participating. We do have a tremendous amount of interest and even a greatly amount of conversation happening about what participation means. We do have many indicators that provide us with evidence of strong statewide support including surveys done through the evaluation and planning process as well as through the MOU process around frequencies. For example, we only have 4 counties that did not sign the MOU regarding frequencies. I will add that we were told by those counties that the failure to sign the MOU was only about the frequency issue and not an indicator of their desire to not participate. Based on the current feedback, we believe everyone is interested in joining and they are working through the budgeting process to determine when and how to make joining a reality.

Short term nothing changes but as the new system is built and the old systems are deprecated it will be up to those individuals to determine how they will provide service and how they will enable interoperability. There is no mandate to participate, however based on all the research we have done coupled with the requirements put forth by the community it is our belief that participation will be the most effective way to achieve those requirement in a cost effective manner.

Again, there is not a mandate to participate. If a local entity desires an alternate solution they have that option. How they integrated, provide coverage, and enable interoperability will be the responsibility of that local entity.

We have a robust governance structure that includes the regional interoperability boards. Every 911 jurisdiction is a member of their respective board and the role of that individual is to communicate the needs of the constituents they represent as well as communicate to those constituents. In addition, virtually every association including but not limited to league of cities, association of counties, sheriffs association, 911 association, etc. are a forum for outreach and we are frequently invited to their meetings for updates on the project.