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North Dakota Governor appoints Shawn Riley as Chief Information Officer

FirstNet names AT&T partner to build network for first responders nationwide

Important SIRN documents:  SIRN 20/20 Feasibility StudySIRN Governance Program 

elcome to the North Dakota Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee, sometimes known as the SIEC. As a guiding committee established to improve public safety communications across the State of North Dakota, our members are committed to the representative and collaborative promotion of interoperable communications statewide. 


Officially established by Governor Jack Dalrymple on September 14, 2012 under Executive Order 2012-10, the Statewide Interoperability Executive Committee, or SIEC, was envisioned as a collaboration among representatives from state agencies and responder groups from across North Dakota counties, townships and cities for the purpose of continually improving effective communication between emergency first responders, emergency management personnel and other emergency service providers critical for federal, state and local governments during an emergency. 

During the 63rd Legislative Assembly, the Legislature codified the work of the SIEC, establishing the Committee as a permanent body under NDCC 37-17.3-02.1. with a diverse membership under the premise that a statewide integrated radio communication system will more effectively serve the goals of law enforcement and emergency response personnel and thereby better serve the people of North Dakota.


The membership of the SIEC includes a diverse body of representatives from across the State as well as key state agencies, important to the daily operation, maintenance and support of current and future radio communications within North Dakota.

The SIEC meets regularly with meeting notices and agendas available on the North Dakota Public Meeting Notices website.  The SIEC Chair and Vice Chair are elected by the Committee to serve two year terms.  The North Dakota Chief Information Officer is the current Committee Chairman with the representative of the North Dakota Fire Chiefs Association serving as the current Vice Chair.


The SIEC has two current initiatives under way in support of the Governor’s and Legislative direction.  FirstNet, initiated in 2013, was established to conduct a study to determine the best approach to providing critical data to first responders, public safety answering points, and public safety decision makers. The second initiative, the Statewide Interoperable Radio Network feasibility study, commonly referred to as SIRN 20/20, is a comprehensive analysis that examines the technical, operational, and financial aspects of a prospective solution that will be owned, shared and operated under a fair and equitable framework with representation from all State, Local and Tribal government entities. 

Thank you for visiting the SIEC today and please feel free to visit our other pages linked through the menu on the left side of this page.  For visitors needing additional information, please submit any inquiries regarding the SIEC deriving from this website to the ND CIO’s office.  Thanks again and have a great North Dakota day!