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The North Dakota Educational Technology Council (ND ETC) is a state board responsible to develop technology systems and coordinate their use to enhance and support the educational opportunities for elementary and secondary education. North Dakota Century Code (Section 54-59-17) outlines its composition, powers, and duties.

ND ETC includes:

Composition can be found on the Board Details page on the Governor's Office Website. 

Powers and Duties

  1. Coordinate the use of technology and the development of technology systems to enhance educational opportunities for elementary and secondary education.
  2. Cooperate with state agencies and other organizations to develop statewide educational technology systems.
  3. Adopt bylaws for the conduct of its affairs.
  4. Publish the informational material it deems necessary.
  5. Conduct a continuing study to assess the needs, resources, and facilities that are available or which may be required to establish educational technology systems throughout the state.
  6. Solicit and receive moneys from public and private sources and expend the moneys for educational technology.
  7. Appoint a technology director who shall serve at the will of the council.
  8. Hire the director of the center for distance education.